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Wireless Information For You

How does WiFY work?

WiFY is an access point that sends local and current information to the visiting customer.
It is tailored to the specific needs of SMEs and the self-employed who understand the importance of a modern and effective communication strategy.

The input of this data happens locally or remotely in a very user-friendly way. The visitor discovers your information or offers on his smartphone or tablet without an internet connection and without installing an application. The customer sees the login instructions locally. Once the customer has connected to WiFY, this connection will be made automatically in the future.

Objective WiFY?

A. Retail

Welcome your customer or visitor with a service so that he experiences the most pleasant and efficient moment / purchase during his visit. Give your business a dynamic and future-oriented image.

B. Large-scale distribution – brand management

Centrally strengthen your presence with your distributors through direct communication.

C. Webshop – vending

WiFY can also serve as a webshop and vending (eg bakers, butchers, take away, …). WiFY can be perfectly integrated in your existing website!

What makes our system unique? Unique features

  1. Multiple languages Reach an international audience in their own language.
  2. Sections Determine the number of sections and their content.
  3. User friendly Customize your information quickly and easily.
  4. Digital ordering system Make your products / services available in a user-friendly way without expensive payment systems.
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Plug & play

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