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Why choose WiFY?

  • Get more out of your sales: use promotions or sponsored messages to generate even more sales.
  • Today’s consumers would like to be able to place their orders ‘online’. WiFY is thé ordering system for the local trader.
  • Thanks to WiFY, the consumer can easily place his order wherever and whenever he wants.
  • In this way you are relieved of ‘disturbing’ orders by telephone, you avoid wrongly understood orders, dissatisfied customers and negative reviews.
  • You don’t have a webshop yet? Link WiFY to your website, or turn WiFY into your website; you won’t find a simpler and cheaper alternative!
  • Thanks to WiFY, orders are delivered to you clearly by email or printer.
  • Customize your information quickly and easily: add new products, hide products that are temporarily unavailable, make price adjustments …
Attract more visitors to your business ?:
  1. With WiFY you can easily display additional relevant content about your products (eg ingredients, gluten free …)
  2. Make waiting in your business more pleasant by proposing inspiring daily menus.
  3. Put your promotions in the spotlight, offer savings campaign, treat your customers on their birthday …
  4. Let people subscribe to your newsletters.
  5. …..
Visualization WIFY:

How does the customer connect to WiFY?

The customer sees the login instructions locally. Once the customer has connected to WiFY, this connection will be made automatically in the future.

Connection WiFY – smartphone:

Some advantages

  • Information Provide extra information about products
  • More sales Attract new customers.
  • Ordering system Use WiFY as a cheap digital ordering system.
  • Up-to-date Customize your information quickly and easily.
  • Printer Orders are printed on receipt printer.

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