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Why choose WiFY?

  • Meeting locations are the perfect place to offer WiFY.
  • You work ecologically by offering information digitally instead of print.
  • You always provide accurate information by immediately modifying the content if necessary.
  • You can have participants filled out a questionnaire / satisfaction survey …
Involving participants even more during the meeting / seminar:
  1. The customer wishes and immediately receives all useful local information in his own language.
  2. Always provide the participants with up-to-date information about the daily schedule and basic information with content about meeting / seminar.
  3. Participants can download digital brochures, résumés, … on their smartphones.
  4. Provide a clear floor plan.
  5. Safety instructions in case of fire.
  6. Give an overview in which rooms the seminar and lunch will take place and also provide them with last minute changes.
  7. ….
Visualization WiFY:
How does the customer connect to WiFY?

The customer sees the login instructions locally. Once the customer has connected to WiFY, this connection will be made automatically in the future.

Connection WiFY – smartphone:

Some advantages

  • Information Content meeting/seminar
  • Ecologisch Geen print: bezorg deelnemers digitale brochures
  • Up-to-date Dagindeling/grondplan snel en eenvoudig aan te passen.
  • Geen internet Werkt ook zonder internet.
  • Geen app Klant hoeft geen app te installeren

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