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Why choose WiFY?

  • Real estate agents help clients in the search for a property.
  • WiFY gives the customer extra relevant information about buildings in the spotlight.
  • WiFY can also be placed at the location itself and thus provide the potential buyer with additional information (eg for buildings still to be built).
  • Every visitor receives all useful information in his own language, so you reach an international audience.
Involve customers even more in their search:
  1. Customers can download the technical data sheet on their smartphone for later reviewing.
  2. Give extra tips about loans, insurances, ….
  3. Let potential tenants / buyers fill in a document so that you can better respond to their needs.
  4. Possibility for clients to request a guided tour when your office is closed.
  5. …..
Visualization WIFY:

How does the customer connect to WiFY?

The customer sees the login instructions locally. Once the customer has connected to WiFY, this connection will be made automatically in the future.

Connection WiFY – smartphone:

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