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Why choose WiFY?

  • Restaurants / bars are the perfect places to offer WiFY.
  • Done with dirty and not up-to-date menus or impatient consumers who have to wait for the waiter.
  • Let your customers choose from their digital menu on their smartphone, even from your terrace.
  • Enter your card in different languages ​​to appeal an international audience.
Attract more visitors to your restaurant or bar:
  1. Provide customers with extra information about wines or the ingredients you use.
  2. Join the future and let customers enter their orders themselves. This must then only be confirmed by the waiter. In this way you relieve your staff and you work more efficiently.
  3. Always provide your customers with the correct menu of the day, information about upcoming events or other useful information.
  4. Let customers subscribe to your newsletters.
  5. …..
Visualization WIFY:

How does customer connect to WiFY?

The customer sees the login instructions locally. Once the customer has connected to WiFY, this connection will be made automatically in the future.

Connection WiFY – smartphone:

Some advantages

  • More profit Guide your customer in their choice.
  • Faster service Staff works more efficiently so you save money.
  • Ecological Less printing
  • Extra information You provide the customers additional and up-to-date information about the dishes.
  • No internet Works even without internet connection.
  • No app Customer does not need to install an app.
  • Up-to-date Customize your information quickly and easily.

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