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Why choose WiFY?

  • Provide your visitor with WiFY an interactive, pleasant and informative waiting time.
  • WiFY applies to all possible waiting rooms: doctors, lawyers, notaries, hospitals, etc.
  • Give your customer extra relevant content about your specializations, your team,….
Give the visitors a pleasant time in your waiting room:
  1. Give visitors extra tips such as: health tips, legal tips, …
  2. The customer can download digital folders.
  3. Have visitors fill out a (general) questionnaire so that you can work more efficiently.
  4. Give general information such as opening hours, specialization ….
  5. ….
Visualization WiFY:

How does the customer connect to WiFY?

The customer sees the login instructions locally. Once the customer has connected to WiFY, this connection will be made automatically in the future.

Connection WiFY – smartphone:

Some advantages

  • Current information Info about your practice or department.
  • Ecological Digital folders instead of print
  • Up-to-date Provide well-informed patients / clients.
  • No internet Works even without internet connection.
  • No app Customer does not need to install an app.

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